Innovative Solutions

innovations 1Everyone is an individual and will therefore need individualized, effective, and ongoing support at any stage in their life. People need to know it’s OK to reach out for help. Embrace Health Innovations has developed digital and physical networks and platforms for mental health and stress related solutions. They may choose to connect with professionals or use the platform to embrace new connections in life. There will be moderated public forums, private forums setup to ensure confidentiality, and a safe, friendly user experience.

Embrace Health Innovations’ decade of research on the impacts of self-esteem on life success has revealed that the world needs to find a balance between screen time and other activities. We have developed apps that encourage
tracking of goals, modules to relieve stress, and empower the user to utilize technology in more constructive ways, such as to benefit their mental health through writing in a digital journal, or measuring their amount of screen time.

We have developed a social accountability model that integrates short to long term assessment, training and education through prevention, intervention, ongoing follow-up and treatment of needs. Building individuals means treating their individual life as a unique situation, because not everyone will respond the same way. Building self-esteem and accountability starts with the individual, and can be reinforced by strengthening the groups they work in too: Building healthy individuals to build each other and an inclusive society.

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